The Glass Ceiling Concept


02 Nov 2017

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Glass Ceiling








Table of Contents:


The Study focuses on the glass ceiling concept and its existence at the time of equal employment. Glass ceiling is the barrier that prevents women from taking the management positions. The study focuses on the barriers which lead to glass ceiling in the corporate such as the work related factors, social factors, Gender discrimination as per the organizational prospective. In the UAE, business women face obstacles than the male peers when it comes to clamber the senior position or management position, or to reach at corporate ladder.


Glass ceiling is the phenomena that exemplify the barriers which prevent women from advancing to the management position at the workplace. The term glass ceiling was coined in the United States in the 1970s to describe the barriers which blocks the management positions. In the competitive age the UAE is facing this problem of glass ceiling (Å¡kerlavaj, n.d.).

In some countries the employment opportunities has provided equal prospects to male and female but men’s are still dominating in some countries including UAE. The research study has drawn emphasis on the existence of the glass ceiling in the UAE and barriers that leads to the glass ceiling. Labor market patterns show the gender discrimination or gender inequalities as the barriers that affect the women’s entry in the workplace (Snowdon, 2011).

There are some barriers which block the career progression of the employee such as confidence and motivation, conflicts between the roles, mentoring opportunities, promotion criteria and lack of awareness in the education prospective. As per the cultural prospective domestic responsibilities causing factor for the career break, personal development, losses in terms of job skills, in service training (Anon., 2011).

Formal networking opportunities exist in the UAE for the women in the context of employment. Gender discrimination leads to de-motivation of women employees in the organization. In the UAE the business women faces obstacles than the male peers when it comes to take or grasp any senior or management position (Anon., 2011).

Background and statement of the research problem:

The research study focuses on the glass ceiling existence at the time of equal employment. The Glass ceiling is the concept that refers to the barriers faced by the women employees to acquire the top position in the corporate (Dr. Sven-Olaf Vathje, 2012).

The UAE glass ceiling is rapidly growing with lowest labour participation across the world. Boston Consulting Group suggested some barriers that prevent women from achieving the leadership position and promoting the women at management position (Anon., n.d.).

The glass ceiling to prevent the progress of the women employee has much existence in the UAE. According to the Boston consulting Group, organization faces challenges in the context of the glass ceiling such as lack of internal talent management, lack of promotions in the job, poor management of leadership development for women, the cultural factors, and male oriented selection criteria (Anon., 2012).


The study seeks to identify the glass ceiling existence at the workplace. This study is aimed to find out the barriers which lead to glass ceiling problem at the workplace (Myrtle P. Bell, 2002).

According to Nancy Lockwood published in SHRM 2004, women are the leaders in the organization, government and industry worldwide and explain the perspective on the women in the united states with the light of corporate work life in the context of glass ceiling and suggest recommendations for the women (Lockwood, n.d.) .

According to the Brenda J. Wrigley (2002) qualitative study the glass ceiling persists for women in public relation and communication management that identify the various barriers in the context of glass ceiling such as denial of equal pay, promotion, discrimination, gender inequalities by the psychological process. The report emphasis on the absence of women and minorities in the management. From the study they identified five factors contributing to the glass ceiling. The concept of glass ceiling through the work life experience to understand the glass ceiling at the workplace (Wrigley, 2002).

According to the study on Glass ceiling effect in the women in M.H. Group Kuwait it emphasis glass ceiling effects on women which is the major problem in the organizations across the world and identification of the glass ceiling existence. The reports highlight the identifications of the gender discrimination as the barriers for the glass ceiling that demotivates women’s at the workplace (Anon., n.d.).

Main focus of the study is to identify the conditions for the glass ceiling and provide recommendation for the situation and identify the glass ceiling effect on women such as capability and working life. Drawn the result from the study that women have the capability and commitment but they have barriers to reach the senior position in the organization (Anon., n.d.).

According to the Linda Wirth gender issues can be considered as the key to attaining the equality of opportunities and behaviour for the women’s. The qualitative and quantitative dimensions of employment were addressed as women empowerment. International Labour organization promotes the opportunities for women and men to acquire the productive working in the conditions of security, freedom and human dignity (Anon., n.d.).

According to Linehen (2002), women’s in every country or nation has small fraction at the management level (Linehan M., n.d.).

According to the Ozbilgin and Syed (2011) The Arab countries provide the evidence for the women glass ceiling in diversity management of the organization (Ozbilgin, 2011).

According to the Oekely J.G.(2000) some obstacles which can be the considered as the gender based barriers to management position are compensations practices, corporate policies, behavioural and cultural factors, different leadership styles, lack of training and development, these barriers may lead to the glass ceiling at the workplace (Anon., 2001).

As per the examination of the literature review regarding the glass ceiling barriers, gender discrimination and leadership styles of employees, educational factors some cultural factors that leads the glass ceiling challenges across the world (David A, 2001).

Research question or hypothesis, aim and objectives:

The aim of the study is to conduct the study in order to understand the glass ceiling and the existence of glass ceiling to the equal time of employment. This study would provide data in the context of UAE. The study proposes the glass ceiling effects and barriers to come with the organizations due to some reasons in the light of organizational background, environment of the organization and culture (WRIGHT, n.d.).

In order to identify important aspects the following objectives are as follows-

Main Objectives:

The research study would aim at achieving the following objectives:

Main interest is to determine the glass ceiling existence at the work place in the context of equal employment.

To determine the barriers that prevents women and minorities from advancing to management positions at the work place.

Back Ground and Significance of the Study:

The research study is based on the understanding of the glass ceiling existence in the UAE. This study will be drawn inference for the higher management and understand the appearance of glass ceiling in their organizations and reasonability of the implementation in the organization. The study would be feasible to understand the glass ceiling concept, effects and the barriers in the organizations. Subsequently recommendation to overcome the glass ceiling effects (Anon., n.d.).

Research Design:

The research study focuses the phenomena of glass ceiling existence at the time of equal employment taking into consideration all the barriers that may lead to glass ceiling at the workplace in the organizations. And strategies need to be followed to overcome this challenge. In this study we observe the opinion differences at different level of employees. The research study has been prepared to facilitate the determination of the existence of glass ceiling in the UAE. There is a significant interference drawn from the study in the context of the glass ceiling. The research study is the descriptive research study (Anon., 2012).

Population and Study Sampling:

In order to achieve the objectives of the study and for desired qualitative research study a random survey will be conducted. The research study will be conducted with the comprehensive women employees of 4 selected organizations from Dubai. Following sampling drawn significance for conducting the researches are:

Questionnaire respondents: 100 women respondents

Data Collection Methods And Instruments:

For conducting the research study, primary and secondary methods of data collection will be used to accomplish the objectives of the study. For the primary resource the structured questionnaire has been prepared and random survey will be conducted for the collection of the data. Secondary data has been collected through the literature review and study reports.

Collection of data:

Primary Data:

In the research study, the tool used for the data collection is structured Questionnaire. It is based on the five point likert scale. The questionnaire is placed in Appendix 1. Questionnaire is framed in order to determine and analyze the glass ceiling existence and barriers which causes the glass ceiling (Nattharika Rittippant 1, n.d.).

Questionnaire Design-

Proposed research study structured questionnaire has been designed. The Likert five point scales and Rating Scale used to provide the responses to the questions. This survey method helps to get the quantitative data collection to find out the research analysis. The questions included the glass ceiling effects on the organizations and barriers that leads to glass ceiling in the organizations. Questions are focused to meet the objective of the study.

Secondary data-

Secondary data is collected through the literature review and study reports.

Data Analysis Methods:

The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) for the data analysis focused to understand and interpret the results of the research. This method is helpful for the statistical analysis of the findings.

Data Analysis Strategies:

The collected data from the questionnaire will be analyzed by the method of graphical analysis. The main statistical used for doing the data analysis are:

Pie charts


Mechanism to Assure the Quality of the Study-

The quality should be ensured while conducting the study for making the research study highly effective. We have taken various efforts to assure the quality of the study such as all factors is eliminated which are the cause for creating biasness and inaccurate information. Non responses would not be counted as a valid response. The quality and quantity of sample size and population is taken in such consideration that it can effectively target to achieve the desired set of data.

Time frames:

The following Gantt chart provides a frame work of the various stages associated with the project by means of completion time of project, in which the progress may be monitored and tracked (Anon., n.d.).

Strength and Weakness of the Study:

Strength of the study-

The strength of the research methods, techniques, sample selection and size helps to draw reasonable findings to the research.

In this research study we have taken women as sample, most suitable for the accomplishment of objectives because they have the idea about the barriers faced in the organization.

Weakness of the study-

The time constraints can be considered as the weakness of the study.

Participants in the Study:

The participants in the study are the working women employees from the four organizations:

Respondents from the top level management.

Respondents from the middle level management.

Respondents from the lower level management.

Ethical Consideration of the Study:

The following are the ethical consideration for the project

All respondents are required to provide their actual response without having affected from any biasness.

Responses and name of the respondents would be kept confidential and would be used only for the academic research only.

Proper balance would be maintained between all the related and unrelated aspects in order to eliminate biasness from the data.

Resources of the Study:

For the conducting the study some resources are required are as follows-

Structured Questionnaire

Electronic sources


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