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23 Mar 2015

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This essay is about oil and gas prices. The essay has lots of facts on gas and oil by showing people how the prices are increasing instead of decreasing. Also it shows how it is putting an effect on people. In this essay it shows readers how they prep the land for drilling process, special tools the oil companies need for drilling the whole and shows how the inspector has to test the ground to make sure it is safe before drilling. It also shows how to be safe before dealing with gas and oil, and shows people how dangerous it can be if you don't use safety.

The thesis of my essay is how the prices of oil and gas are increasing than decreasing over the last couple of years. Also in my thesis statement our gas and oil prices are affecting our economy day by day.

Gas and oil prices are at their highest costs since more than a year ago. Fuel costs are gaining twelve cents a gallon for the average in the United States. Gas costs were at a record of four dollars a gallon in the year 2008. In year 2008 through 2009 the gas prices are continuing to rise and not dropping, gas is at an average of two dollars and 94 cents a gallon in the United States. With the crude oil, petroleum oil is more than half a gallon of gasoline. Also when they raise the prices of gasoline they are from competitors of other marketplaces. The crude prices when they rise, all the gas stations prices rise because they have no choice it is all for the government. When all market places raise the prices of gasoline is because of the crude prices, and when the crude prices lower down the market places back down the prices. This is all competition between one gas station to another. We are high in demand of our gas prices these days; our world consumption of our gas and oil prices is roughly a percentage of the economy. Most of the high prices you got to think are coming from our high volume of wars; the wars are costing us millions of dollars each day of the week. Which caused a huge inflation in the United States of America on gas and oil, also food prices?

Robinson (2009) "noted that we are returning to a record of fuel and oil prices of 2008." "Predicted that the average, of gasoline prices; would stay under three dollars, a gallon nationwide in 2010."

The refining of gasoline costs are gaining up to thirty five percent, gasoline contributed a twenty three percent gain of the crude oil prices. Refiners want to phase out toxic waste to add in ethanol; also the refineries want to add ultralow sulfur for gasoline and diesel. The refining of operations is having a difficult time to make fuel cleaner. OSHA inspected almost five hundred refineries; the inspections of refineries have proven to be effected. The oil and gas faces a huge challenge for environmental protection on price control. Technologies are increasing gas and oil on environmental impact. The smaller investors are putting money into stocks for major oil companies. Gasoline and home heating oil are made from plastics, toothpaste, shampoo, antihistamines and house paint they all contain a similar form of petroleum. Also the gas and oil industries is increasing on a daily basis, and not showing a decrease in price. Also when the oil gets refined through distillation it involves heating it until it turns into vapor, then they collect the oil and they let the vapor cool. When the temperature rises on oil eventually only carbon and tar are left behind.

"According to Marland, (2000) heating oil using three million of appropriated funds, taking the inventory to 1,984,253 barrels."

Also the gas and oil are not just affecting us, but it is also putting an impact on fish and marine organizations. By our toxic waste, are polluting our water boundaries. That is affecting all of our species, by going through their gills into their blood that is going into others by killing the species. The reason most of our natural gas is polluting our water is because of our offshore and on land terminals for the crew ships and submarines are at least burning thirty percent of their toxic gases into our water which is hurting our species. It is also putting an effect on us in our economy by putting a three percent gain of our money into our penny stock for the oil and gas industries.

The supplies they need before drilling is a process of getting, because the big machines and some of their other equipment they need to dig an oil well, are shipped to the location where they are digging the oil well. The task of finding oil is assigned before getting the equipment and prepping the land. They use magnetometers to measure the flowing of oil, most commonly they use seismology to put shock waves through rock layers, and are reflected back to the surface of the ground. The crew needs special equipment for the job to drill out the oil wells. Like hammer bits, tricone bits, adapter subs, air perforators, well casing, drill steel, casing alignment clamps and torch guides, diverter boxes, shock absorbers, retract hammers, thread lubes, oilers, rock drill oilers, polymers and a lot more equipment to complete the job. Prepping the land is a major job for the crews, because all the process they have to go through before they can drill.

The first step before drilling the oil wells, an inspector has to test the ground to make sure it is safe before the process of drilling. Then to prep the land for oil drilling they reserve a pit which they use for the dispose of rock cuttings. During the drilling process they line the whole with plastic to protect the economy. When the oil is prepared they dig a main hole which is in a shape of a rectangle which is called a cellar. Then the crew begins lining the main hole with a large diameter conductor pipe. Also before you can drill a well you need an exploration license. The cost to drill a well is 2.5 million dollars each. The reserves for the oil to make oil wells are all under the ground. Oil exploration represents the value of the gas they bring to the gas station. It can be difficult when bad weather like hurricanes and tropical storms can be hard for oil and gas companies for oil fields for drilling.

Marland (2004) stated "our staff is trained to help you tackle the easiest to the most difficult projects."

the supply of gas and oil been increasing, gasoline supplies are the highest level of price since the early 90's, refineries have been cutting back of low margins. Everyone that relies on gas and oil prices, believe that it is high on demand and they think that gas should decrease instead of increasing. Everyone thinks that gas and oil prices are affecting our economy, because every week of the year oil and gas keep rising, and it is affecting people because all the money we spend in our gas tanks. People think with all the money we spent into gas they want to really know when prices are ever going down. Just think everyone in America dumped at least two hundred and forty billion dollars cash into stock for gas and oil companies.

Golf god (2007) stated "decline in inventories" and "demand outstripping supply for the jump into gas prices." When the crew's for oil companies are working in the oil tanks and working with gas it can be a highly hazardous work environment for them. Especially working with low pressure tanks that contain potential hazards like, fire and explosion, oxygen deficiency and when they are exposed to toxic substances. When they are working with hazardous gasses and oil it can be a result of vapors, fumes, chemicals, or excessive heat or cold. When a creation, of oxygen deficient; it may cause, serious injury; or death.

A result from government officials and policy makers, are providing lessons learned for better of planning storms and flood events, can better prevent hazardous conditions caused by leaking oil and gas. To prevent the land from destroying what we need some most, and keep chemical particles away.

"Natural gas is released during venting operations, when there are leaks in equipment used during oil and gas development." (Anonymous 2003)

My essay on oil and gas prices, gives a lot of information and process of the gas and oil industry. The readers that read my essay should get a lot of good facts, details and news about gas and oil procedures. Hopefully to all the readers out there you got a lot of enjoyment out of this.

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