Physical, Social and Emotional Development of Toddlers


22 Nov 2017

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A parenting plan is an arrangement in advance for an unborn baby. The Parenting plan includes time each parent will spend with their baby. The Parenting plan also about the major life decisions such as Education, Health, Safety etc. The parenting plan should be created so that child lives his/her life in a way they want to live. The Child’s needs come first so make sure that your planning plan includes everything a child need before u buy anything for yourself. The parenting planning should include how would you treat your baby and how would you take care of the baby. The parenting plan should include that the baby. The parenting plan should also include exploring the world with your child and telling them everything they ask. The plan could also make sure that if parents separated one of the parents should accept the kid. Develop a plan for their reproductive life. A pregnant woman should intake folic acid at least 400 micrograms. A pregnant woman should check her immunization record for safety of the baby and does not have any medical issues or any other family health history. A woman should be able to cope with her depression and anxiety as it can affect the health of the baby.


Health plays major role in pregnancy. A pregnant woman good health’s mean her baby has good health. Women who concentrate more on her eating diets and health would have fewer difficulties during pregnancy and will give birth to a well-developed baby. Alcohol consumption and Smoking should be prohibited as this would affect the baby and could lead to miscarriage. A woman should avoid seafood or any refrigerated meat as it some sea food has mercury in it and could harm the baby. But some fishes like tuna, shrimps can be eaten 6 ounces per week.


Physical development is a type of development where a child develops by interacting with the world. Physical development includes a toddler growth and ability to use those physical skills.

Gross motor development and Fine Motor skills:

Gross motor development is a child using the entire body or several parts of the body at one time. Activities like crawling, running and walking are all part of Gross motor development. Fine motor skills involve the coordination and control of small muscles, and skills like holding a rattle, picking up crumbs and scribbling with a pencil. Some areas to look when developing gross motor development and fine motor skills.

Muscle tone: A toddler should have a firm control on what he holds on.

Muscle strength: A toddler is muscle strength is described by the weight he can pick up.

Quality of movements: A toddler would have fast body movements or slow body movement depending upon their body growth

Physical development by age one

A toddler can stand and sit without support and can control his legs and hands.

Physical development by age two

A toddler now can run and go up and down the stairs. He would use spoon and fork to eat his meal which shows his/her table manners. A toddler will attempt to dress and have a bladder control. He can kick a ball and can build six blocks of tower.

Physical development by age three

A toddler can run well and can stand on one foot. A toddler can button and unbutton his/her shirts and can put on his/her own shoes and socks; may not be able to tie shoe laces.


Intellectual development is defined as a child’s ability and thinking to explore the world. Toddlers continue to develop their intellectual skills by learning new skills, understanding of certain events and current events and have a certain increase in memory. Toddler now can explain their experiences and their dreams. It is the construction of thought processes, including remembering, problem solving, and decision-making. In childhood, it’s important to develop cognitive skills in a child so he can face problems on his own when he grows up.

Intellectual development by age one

A parent should use simple gestures to communicate with the toddler at this age. A toddler explores things with shaking, banging and throwing.

Intellectual development by age two

Toddler now can be able to point what he/she wants and can understand instructions given from their parent A toddler remembers names of familiar people. A toddler can find a hidden object under 2 or 3 covers.

Intellectual development by age three

A toddler can sort color and shape independently. A toddler can play simple pretend games and can complete a 3-4 pieces of puzzle. A toddler can follow up to 2 instructions at one time like open the jar and take one cookie.


Emotional development is the growth of child’s emotions, experience, expression and understanding. It is important for parents to accept that their actions and behaviour has a lot of influence on a toddler’s child development.

Emotional development by age one

A toddler would be shy or afraid with strangers and would show fear in some situations. A toddler shows love and affection to familiar people and would have temper tantrums like screaming, crying and whining.

Emotional development by age two

A toddler would recognize herself in a photograph or in a mirror.

Emotional development by age three

A toddler now under



Multiple Ways Parents can boost physical development t in toddlers are:

  • A parent should participate or play with their child for at least 60 to 90 minutes to increase the physical growth of a child.
  • Parents should not let his/her child to spend most of his time on electronic devices.
  • Parents should try to play interesting games with their kid so it could help their bones and maintain a healthy weight.

Multiple Ways parents can boost intellectual development in toddlers are:

  • A parent should play games like board games and hide and seek and should help them to identify objects, shapes and colours to increase thinking skills and creativity.


The development of literacy skill is an important part of a toddler’s life. It helps in other vital skills like socialization, management and working independently. A child should have strong literary development to read, understand, write and speak. It’s important for a toddler to read as it would develop a strong base for literacy skill. A toddler can identify pictures and objects in a book and can talk about them. A toddler knows shapes, knows how words can rhyme and names of familiar people. A toddler should be able to read his books as reading increases thinking and problem solving skills.

Multiple Ways parent can boost literary skills are:

  • A parent should read with his toddler and help them understand the book and teach them new words.
  • A parent should ask the toddlers about the picture in the book and talk about it.
  • Talk about your child’s feelings and emotions and try to tell your feelings to them so they can understand.
  • Talk about each other’s day and tell the toddler about your family stories.



A toddler’s safety is a parent’s responsibility. Toddlers are too young to understand or learn about safety. They need a safe environment to develop and explore the world.

Ways to prevent injuries to your toddlers:

  • Have a first aid in your house so that if a child has a minor fall down, you can treat him.


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