Implementing the Data Protection Act in Childcare


21 Nov 2017

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Choose and evaluate four of the 8 Data Protection Act principles, providing examples of how these would be implemented in a child care setting.


Anyone who keeps records whether on computer or on paper must apply with this act. It should be clear to service user for what purpose the data are being kept. Information about a child should also be accessible to parents and shared with them. It is not compulsory just do on their demand. Information should not be kept for longer than necessary, though accident and incident records will be need to be kept in case they are needed for references at some time in future. Records must be stored securely.


  1. PROCESSED FAIRLY AND LAWFULLY - It is very important that personal data should be processed fairly. In practice you must legitimate grounds for collection and using the personal data. You must not use the data in way that have unjustified adverse effects on the individual concerned. You must be transparent about how to use the data and privacy notices when they collecting their data. You make sure you do not do anything unlawful with the date.
  2. OBTAINED FOR SPECIFIED LAWFUL PURPOSES - This data is clearly linked with first data protection. If you obtain personal data for an unlawful purpose then you will be in breach of both first and second data protection. For example to implement this data in you setting you must be clear from the outsets about why you are collecting personal data and what you intend to do with it. You must comply what act says about notifying given to the information commissnor.
  3. ADEQUATE, RELEVANT AND NOT EXCESSIVE - The data protection does not define these words, clearly though they need to be considered. For examples a debt collection agency is engaged to find a particular debt. Its collects information several of people with similar name. During the inquiry some of these people are discounted. Company should delete most of the data, just keep minimum data. If you need to hold particular information about certain individual only you should collect it just for those individual. The information is likely to be excessive and irrelevant in relevant to other people.
  4. ACCURATE AND UP TO DATE - The law recognise that it may not be practical to double check the accuracy of every item of personal data you receive. So the act make special provision about the accuracy that information that individual provides about themselves. When you go through this data protection you should take reasonably steps to ensure the accuracyof any personal you obtain, make sure that the any personal data is clear and carefully consider whether it is necessary to update the information.

Evaluate the need for accurate, legible and up-to-date record keeping, and identify the consequences of non-compliance.


When you start a business as a child care that it is very important to keep accurate and complete records. Your business record should include;

  • You should have keep record banking information
  • You must need a proof of income
  • You need to keep a proof of expenses that how much you spend on their food and stuff

You need to be organised, keep your records up to date and then hold on to them for seven tax years. Good records are important for your business because;

  • They can make filling in your tax returns easier and quicker
  • They can make it quicker for your tax agent or accountant to do your book and save your money.
  • They can give you the information you need to manage your business and help it grow, and make it easier to get a loan. Tax record is a legal requirement to running a business.


Legibility mean all information should be correct, readable and clearly. So following steps could be helpful for legible record keeping;

  • All written information should be neat & clean and use in black ink because it is clearer to read and photocopies.
  • It is more important that handwriting should be legible. If it is not readable someone can misunderstanding.
  • If someone changes to documentation such as medication form, parents permission form, it must be signed and dated.
  • White correction fluid should not be use over the mistake, just crossed with a line.


Always make sure in your childcare setting that you have up to date information of their present address, telephone numbers, emergency contract and doctor’s telephone number or any changes of food requirements. As a childcare provider make sure that implement an effective procedure to meet the individually needs of child when administering medicines. For more progress we have to keep written record of child’s need for medication and ask parents to update regularly. Always keep written record of all medicines and inform to parents when medicines has been given including the time, date and dosage.

As a professional it is your responsibility to keep children safe in your setting, so you should regularly update and practice with fire evacuation procedures. You suppose to be record dates and time of every fire drill.

Explain the different ways of recording digital and paper records in the child care setting.


Before child coming in nursery or school basic information must be filled in. Supervisor should be explained to parents that this information will be treated with confidentially and that will be stored safely. The record will be reviewed regularly and kept up to date with parents’ help. Supervisor collects all information from parents.


It is very important to make sure that there is enough reliable methods of backing up the data are employed so that if the computer malfunction or becomes damaged the files can be easly be returned on another system. There are so many ways to keep record by digital and paper record;

DIGITAL DATA - It is important that Data should be reliably, adequately & accurately recorded on computer. Always make sure that all information of recording has been saved which could be about their behavior, development areas or any learning areas.

As a childcare provider you should not allow to discuss personal information with other staff member or observation by staff on any confidentially matters, child protection matters, development concerns or any behavior concerns. And also keep up to date information on behavior issues. This type of information supposes to be record on laptop, on hard disk-computer, or Ipad and keep up to date regularly with parents.

These digital data should be stored safely secured on the hardware device and a central server. It should be protect by the secret password. Children should not allow using same computer or desktop which have a confidential files. The education facility must also ensure that, as well as sufficient password protection on all devices containing personal information, that the central server repository is also sufficiently secured.

Strict IT policies must be in place on devices containing personal information, to ensure that they are adequately protected when the device leaves the confines of the childcare setting.

PAPER RECORDING –Data protection policies apply equally as they do to data on ICT or on paper records.

Paper records can have less strict safeguards, especially if not kept securely locked. Therefore, It is very important that all files should be locked in a safe environment with limited access to authorized people only and out of the reach of children. Paper files should be clearly written (especially if handwritten), readable and disposed of in the correct manner (a document management process should be in place). When paper files are transferred to another department, they should be recorded so there is traceability of their movements.

Identify the primary types of data storage for digital and paper records, and evaluate the best option for a home childcare setting.


There are two type of data; primary and secondary data. Primary type of data means that memory which can be stored for short time.RAM and CACHE are best examples of primary data storages. RAM(random access memory) and cache works together because RAM have no enough place for more storages but it can be fast access rate of random memory. CACHE is part of random access memory. It can be use to speeding up. So that’s why it is high and faster than reading or writing from main memory. Most of the PCU have three type of cache like- instruction cache, data cache and translation look side buffer.

PRIMARY DATA STORAGES FOR DIGITAL – It means memory which can be record on computer. CPU is the main part of computer to store information.CPU regularly reads instruction which is keep record there and it produce where it need. Today’s modern random access memory is popular .It is small size but expensive. It is also known as a volatile. There are two more kind of primary data: processor register and processor cache. Processor register holds word of data and more much faster. Processor cache is slower but greater storages capability then processor registers.

PRIMARY DATA STORAGES FOR PAPER RECORD -It is very important that you look after your record in your child care setting because it is part of daily routine by the law. The primary data should be recorded for three years As childcarer you ensure that how long to keep it and what should you do when you no need it. You should work with record management and department of file plan. As a childcarer you have to make decision that can access the records because each department of records need confidentially and securely information. As a childcare you should provide guidance to that department who is packing, preparing of record and ensure that records management is handling of all materials properly.

Rate the best option

Paper record is the best option for the home childcare setting because it is more valuable and secure then digital. When you are going to start your own business as a childcare setting you have to make plan ahead. Ensure that there is enough file rooms. All files should be maintained properly in the office or secure place. when you keep paper record you have to record everything for example: in emergency or any accident happened you have record all details in the accident book and make it for parents to sign, provide a copy for parents.

Second thing paper record is more real then digital. Even digital is faster, more easily but still paper record is more secure. Proper records management requires you to know which copy is your ‘‘copy of record’’. Once a copy of record has been established, the other copy can be destroyed safely. So ensure that the information how long to keep it in your record.

In this UNIT I did try to explain about data protection act 1998, how to implement it into childcare setting, record keeping information, deferent ways of recording, primary types of data storages and evaluate of paper records.





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