How to Determine Face Shape


03 Oct 2016 21 Sep 2017

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How to determine Face Shape. Face Shape Calculator. What ismyface shape?

All people have one of 7 basic face shapes: round, square, long (or “oblong”), triangle or pear, heart or inverted triangle, diamond or oval shaped faces. With respect tobeauty, theface shapeplays a part.And though many people may not have thought about theshape of their face, there are many whose faces have characteristics they do not love.

Knowing your face shapecan help you make confident and informed decisions about many things,hairstyles, spectaclesincluded. To figure it out, pull or comb your hair completely away from your face.Now,you’ll need a ruler or a tape measure.Be sure to write down the numbers for each step:

  • Start with the forehead. Measure across yourforeheadat the widest point.
  • Move on the cheeks. Measure the widest length across yourcheekbones.
  • Now on to the jaw. Measure your jawline at its widest point.
  • Finally, measure the length of your face.Place the ruler at the top of your forehead at your hairline and measure to your chin. Your ratio will either be 1 (your width) to 1 1/2 (your length) or 1 to 1 or 1 to 2.

Heart Shaped Face

Heart-shaped facesare wider at the forehead and gently narrow down at the jawline.Thechin may bepointedin thisface shape. This shape is also known as the “inverted-triangle.”

Square Shaped Face

You havesquare faceif your face has the following measurements:

  • The width of your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are equal.
  • The facehas sharp, angular features including a sharp jawline. (Ifthefeatures are soft and rounded, you are likely a “round face shape.”)
  • The facecross ratio is 1 to 1 (Length = Width) or 1 to 1 1/2.

Round Shaped Face

You have a classicround faceif you fit the following:

  • The width of your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are equal
  • Thejaw is slightly rounded as opposed to angular.
  • The round face hassoft features in general. Thedifference between a round face and a square face(which also measures the same across as long) lies in the angles.Square faceshave strong, angular features, whereas around facehas soft features.
  • Thefacecross ratiois 1 to 1 (length = width).

Diamond Shaped Face

You have adiamond faceif you are widest at your cheekbones, and your jawline and forehead are the same length (but still narrower than your cheeks).

Long Shaped Face (Oblong Shaped Face)

Long face shapesare longer than they are wide. Ifthe length to the width of the faceis more than 1 1/2, then you fall into this face shape zone.

Oval Shaped Face

The length is equal to one and a half times width.

Triangle Face Shape

Which is the best Face Shape? How does Face Shape correlate with Looks & Beauty?

In thebeautyindustry, whether it’smakeup,hairor evenclothing- being discussed,face shapeplays a very important part. Face Shapes can play an important role in how bothmen & women look.

Best Face Shape For Men

There is a large percentage ofmenwho have asquareface shape, and it is themost ideal and desired shapeto work with. The angular jaw line, well defined chin, clefted chin, all give rise to themanly faceas we know it.Therefore, when it comes tohaircuts and beards, the goal is to square off the face, while taking into consideration any imperfections and how to camouflage them.

Best Face Shape For Women

Face Shapeplays a very important role in making women appear feminine (What MakesBeautiful Women?).

Theoval faceis considered thebest facial shape for women.Anoval facecan get away with almost anyhaircut and jewelry,because of its balanced proportions.

How to Alter / Accentuate your Face Shape & Make it Ideal & Perfect Shaped? Can you Shape your Face Shape?

1) Hairstyles

Round Face

Tryhairstylesthat fall justbelow the chin, like the long bob, or soft, adapted layers that areshoulder length. Avoidone length, blunt cutslike theclassic bob-cut.

Square Face

Experiment with curls, or long, sleekhaircutswith layers that begin from the jawline and downward. Avoidblunt-cut bangsandone-length bob hairstyles,which highlight your angular jaw rather than downplay it.

Oval Face

Anoval face shapecan usually sustain any sort ofhaircut. Find your best feature and highlight it with your hairstyle. Great bone structure? Consider an angular bob that complements your chin.Gorgeous eyes?Blunt or side-swept bangs will draw attention there.

Heart Face

Draw attention away from the chin with side swept bangs or brow-skimming bangs. Avoid choppy layers thatmake the chin prominent.

Triangular Face

Short haircutswith a lot of volume are ideal for triangular faces. You can also choose along cut, as long as it hits at your collarbone or lower.

Diamond Face

Try to createwidth at the foreheadwith bangs, and balance it out with layers that start at thechin.

Long Face

Brow-skimming, side swept bangs or chin-length bobs are ideal for creating the illusion of width. Curls and waves also work well when adding width. Keephaircuts short, never long because they tend to drag down the face.

2) Spectacles & Sunglasses for Face Shapes

Round Face

To make around faceappear thinner and longer, tryangular narrow eyeglass framesto lengthen the face, a clearbridgethat widens the eyes, andframesthat arewiderthan they are deep, such as arectangular shape.

Oval Face

To keep theoval face’snatural balance, look foreyeglass framesthat are as wide as (or wider than) the broadest part of the face, orwalnut-shaped framesthat are not too deep or too narrow.

Oblong Face

To make anoblong faceappear shorter and more balanced,try frames that have more depth than width, decorative or contrastingtemplesthat add width to the face, or a low bridge to shorten the nose.

Diamond Face

This is therarest face shape. To highlight the eyes and soften the cheekbones, tryframesthat have detailing or distinctive brow lines, or tryrimless framesoroval and cat-eye shapes.

Square Face

To make a square face look longer and soften the angles, trynarrow frame styles, frames that have more width than depth, andnarrow ovals.

Triangular Face

To add width and emphasize the narrow upper third of theface, tryframesthat are heavily accented with color and detailing on the top half or cat-eye shapes.

3) Change Face Shape Through Cosmetic Surgery

A)Botox For Masseter HypertrophyMasseter muscle reductionis a procedure often requested by Asian ethnicities and now very commonly inIndia. The Masster is a muscle in the jaw area & anenlarged masseter muscleleads to formation of asquare shaped masculine appearing face in women.

The use ofbotulinum toxincan effectivelytreat the masseter hypertrophy, reduce and change the shape of the face predictably(make the face and the jawline slim),without any unwanted surgical trauma and complications.

To read more on howBotoxworks, read this blogpost:

B) Fillers to Augment Cheeks & Chins

Dermal Filler InjectionslikeJuvederm & Volumaplay an important role inadding volumewhere necessary, easily, painlessly, without surgery. So, thechin can be augmentedor the cheeks, as necessary.

C) Use of Chin Implants to elongate the face.

Works indiamond shaped & oblong facesto make them oval, by addingwidth at the chin area. This also markedly improvesprofile pictures.

D) Use of Cheek Implants to widen Mid-Face Area

Works inoblong faces, to addwidth to the cheeksand balance the face.

E)VASER Liposuction

Works inround facestoreduce the increased fatand make the jawline & chin more defined and angular. Also,removes the double chin.

F) Orthognathic Surgery

Complex Maxillo-Facial Surgery in which the bones of the face are cut & re-arranged to change facial shape.

In summary, working out yourface shape typecan be the first step in evaluating many things:which hairstyles will suit you, which spectacles & sunglasses will look good on you, how you should apply makeup, etc. In fact,understanding your face shapeis the first step in understanding you. Once you know your face shape, you can rectify the deficiencies & aim for thebest face shapeby visually changing your face shape via hairstyles, makeup, glasses or even by usingcosmetic surgery procedures.


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