Using a Pencil for Drawing


14 Aug 2017

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A pencil is an instrument that you can use it for writing or drawing. People use pencils in the schools, offices, houses to write anything they want on a white sheet of paper. By moving the pencil on this sheet of paper using your hand you can make marks with different shapes and different sizes. Since you are able to draw this marks, you can control the way you move the pencil and draw a variety of shapes and write a specific word by any language.                        The Pencil has the shape of a narrow cylinder, it also looks like a pipe or a thin piece of wood. It made in that shape to be easy for use, also to hold and grasp it easily, and to control your handwriting. Pencil components are made of different materials, and each part has its own job. There is another type of pencil called the mechanical pencil which has complex components than the wooden pencil since it works by metallic parts and requires a different method to use it.               The components of the wooden pencil

  • The graphite (lead): graphite is the most important part of the pencil since it is the material that produces the marks or the writing on the paper. Graphite is made of carbon and it is the inner part of the pencil, and you can find it in difference sizes. The difference in sizes is giving a difference in the color degree. The lead scales are (0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm,etc) it also can find as (HB, B, 2B, 3B,etc) as the numerical scale get higher the lead get harder and the mark get darker. Number 2 pencil is the standard degree of graphite which is using in most of the countries such the U.S.
  • The wooden body: the wooden cylinder that covers the graphite is made of wood that must be hard and must be able to resist bending and stand for a long time without any cracks. It also must be able to sharpen easily to give you the perfect mark. This wooden piece protects your hand from touching the graphite. It covers with a thin skin of color that gives it a good appearance.
  • The Eraser: you can find the eraser in the bottom of the pencil. This soft part has the ability to erase what you have written on the white sheet. The eraser is made of rubber and has difference colors. You can also buy a separate eraser and use it since the pencil eraser is small and it may consume in a short time.
  • Metal ferrule: this small piece of metal has the shape of a cylinder and it surrounding the end of the pencil and the eraser. It also secures the eraser, and it made from aluminum.

                                        FIGURE 1: Pencil Components


The process of using the pencil for writing or drawing is so easy since you start practicing it, it should be easy for you. You will also learn different techniques of using the pencil, and how to control your handwriting.

  • Step 1: first you have to choose the right pencil. Since pencils have different shapes and sizes and different qualities. Based on your activity you will be able to choose your pencil and determine which number is appropriate for you.
  • Step 2: second you have to sharp the pencil using a pencil sharpener. A sharpener is a tool that has a small razor and has a hole to put your pencil in, and then turn the pencil left or right to get the graphite out of the wooden body.
  • Step3: to use the pencil easily, you have to hold it the way you fill comfortable with. Whether you are left handed or right handed, the common way to hold a pencil is to grip it with your thumb, middle, and index fingers. If this method doesn't fit you, you may try another method until you get a perfect way.
  • Step4: to write on a white sheet of paper you have to press down with an angle using the pencil. You shouldn't put much pressure on the graphite since it's very thin and it may break. Try to start with straight marks, and then try to draw some shapes like squares, circles, and triangles. In order to master writing with the pencil, you have to practice every day.
  • Safety precautions:

The Pencil is a writing tool which shouldn't be used for any other activity. The graphite (lead) in the pencil is a toxic material which may be dangerous if you applied it to your body.

  • Don't use the pencil to write or draw on your skin or your clothes
  • Don't use the pencil while cooking or preparing food.
  • Don't use the pencil for any medication activity.
  • Don't put the pencil in your mouth, and don't try to chew or nibble it.
  • Don't try to harm someone using the pencil.
  • Always wash your hands after using a pencil.


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