Role of Institutions in Architecture and Quantity Surveying


03 Oct 2016 21 Sep 2017

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In the construction industry used to follow the professional body’s instruction and maintain the ethics and code of conduct to evaluate the function of the industry. So that client always expect the advice from the professionals and imitate the professionalism to gain the high quality end product, today world is globalizing very fast. Because of that it is directly effect to the construction industry. In today construction industry is facing global changes and therefore they demanding. Changing skills from various construction related professions. Professionals in construction industry are forced to maintain their responsibilities and meet the demand procedures with quality.

A Professional Institution also called professional body is an assembly of people in an educated profession who are entrusted with maintaining organize or oversight of the lawful practice of the work. In this report I investigate a professional institute which serves the built environment sector. And also I briefly explain of the professional institution. Professional institutions are helping to various categories of constructional personal to upgrade their skills and overall impact of such professional institution in the construction industry. Membership of a professional institution, as a legal requirement, can in some professions from the primary formal basis for gaining entry to and setting up practices within the profession.

Role of the professional Institution

Eliot Freidson presents the argument that while all occupations contain some blend of skills, knowledge, qualification and competence, professions involve a “special kind of knowledge ... believed to require the exercise of discretionary judgment and a grounding in abstract theory and concepts” what Michael Young would refer to as powerful knowledge. (Daniels 2007) Professional institution plays a major role of construction industry. And also it maintains the standards of the professions in the construction industry.

Professional institution maintains world class knowledge base because people in same profession meet each other in one place to create a network of communication to broaden the knowledge to enhance the professional relationship and respond to changing environment to meet current and future operating need. Therefore many professional institutions are involved to in the developing and monitoring of professional educational program and the upgrading of skills. Professional institution can improve service to members and upgrading services to industry.

Membership of a professional institution, as a legal required, can in some professions from the primary basis entry to and setting up practices with the profession. People who are eligible for the professional development plan if they have satisfied their academic requirement of the professional institution which they are planning to membership. There are many advantages of being a member in professional institution

They are,

  • Networking Opportunities
  • Attending to conference and seminars
  • Get the privilege to use online recourse
  • Free education

Above all the fact explains about how to improve the service member in professional institution. Professional institutions are encouraging sustainable construction. Because the world is globalizing very fast and it’s directly effect to the construction industry and also it publication the magazine, books and other publications to improve the knowledge of members. Because members are the heart of that professional institution. Also maintain and improve the quality of the built environment.

Professional Institutions are helping to various categories of Constructional Personal

There are many professional institutions related to the construction

  • Royal Institute of charted surveyors
  • Charted Institute of Builders
  • Association of Project Managers
  • British Institute of Facility Managers
  • Charted Institute of Architectural Technologist

Each and every professional institution is helping to several of contractual personal to upgrade their skills with membership and certification. PDP is the next stage in gaining professional qualifications and force on recording management experiences and achievement.

Every member to comply with consist of RICS practice statement in the interest of the maintaining the highest professional institution.

Every construction has different membership benefit for example.

RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architecture)

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Maintain world- class knowledge base
  • Re-position architecture as providers of both sound and imaginative solutions
  • An RIBA Client Adviser who is a qualified architect is not the main architect in such projects but acts as an independent adviser. They:
  • provide strategic advice
  • help clients to achieve their objectives
  • meet clients expectations on performance and design quality (RIBA)
  • Maximize contribution of members and staff
  • Work to improve the design quality of public buildings, homes/ communications. (Royal Institute of Brtish Architects )

SLIA (Sri Lanka Institute of Architect)

It has unique benefit for each membership. They have 7 type of membership

  • Honorary Fellow Members
  • Fellow Members
  • Associate Members
  • Honorary Members
  • Registered Members
  • Graduate Members
  • Student Members

(Sri Lanka Institute of Architect)

PMI (Project Management Institute)

As a PMI member, you gain exclusive access to PMI publications and our global standards, networking options with our chapters and online communities of practice, and leadership and volunteer opportunities. You can also find discounts on certification exams and innovations, as well as our professional development offerings received. (Project Managment Institute 2014)

AIQS (Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors)

Role of AIQS

  • Ensure that practicing Quantity Surveyors are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of professional excellence
  • Carrying research about the collection of cost data
  • Publishing of current construction costs
  • Maintaining Australian Standard method of measurement

(Role of AIQS)

Benefit of a member

  • Promote as a Building Economist
  • Provide Technical articles
  • Practices noted and policy statements
  • Promoting Members to potential QS clients
  • Fee free Gold credit card, home loan and life insurance for AIQS members

(Role of AIQS)

AGS (The Association of Geotechnical and Geo environmental Specialists)

The Benefits of AGS Member

  • Membership of Representative organization
  • Provides a voice on the Ground Forum, the body that represents the main industry participants in Geo techniques and the Geo environment
  • Provides the means to lobby Government and the construction clients Forum via the Ground Forum and the construction Industry council

(The Benefits of AGS Member)

If they get the membership benefit it is help the update their skills with membership. So there is various type of method to update their skills with membership. They are conducted the training programs. Introduce some flexible membership fee, Conduct e- learning programs, Arrange some group discussion, Get some task and dividing in group members..etc.

Overall impact of such professional institution

Professional Institution has impact in the construction industry many ways. Improve the quality, improve the skills of the members introducing new ways how to study rules and regulation new opportunity to take right path and build good construction site. Therefore Professionals in construction industry are forced to maintain their responsibilities and meet the demand and procedures with quality. So that professional institution helps to improve the quality of the construction site. And also in professional institution is a place where people from the same profession meets each other and then shares their ideas, skills. So professional institution is help to develop skills of the people in the construction site.

Professional institution is helps to gain new skills and knowledge needed to manage staff develop business. In professional institution meet to same professional people and then way share their new technology, new experiment and introduce new ways and also in that ways they selected better things above all the gathering information and detail if they shared. So it is help to take decision to get a right part of the construction site. Memberships of a professional institution, as a legal requirement, so every member know the rules and regulation. It is help to carryon and develops rules and regulation in construction site. Above all the details professional institution is impact to build a good construction site.


The finding the research indicates that professional institute has a direct effect on the quality of construction industry. It has so many boundaries. Professional boundaries are important to enhance professionalism within the construction industry.

Such as

  • Relationship
  • Communication
  • Self-Discourses
  • Exploitations
  • Breaches of confidentially

And also professional institute are helping to upgrade their skill with membership and certification. But it is overall impact in the construction industry. So in this report, reporter can highlight those things of professional instruction in the construction industry.



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