Accordia Global Health Foundation and Impact on Poverty


02 Aug 2017

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Accordia Global Health Foundation is an NGO that is providing at all phase of the fieldwork cycle, promoting the importance and productiveness of the fieldwork, prime concern and understanding expressed in activity. They have crucial role in governance by encouraging and supporting applicable global health fact-finding, capital deploy for research administration of comprehension. Further, the participation of   Accordia Global Health Foundation in research is proximate from understanding productivity as it takes the shape of collaboration with graduate institutions and committed research organisations.

           This paper will concentrate solely on the context of Accordia Global Health Foundation and Its aim to examine the extent to which the NGO's attempt in this globe of activity are effective in assisting to allay poverty. Accordia Global Health Foundation is a non-governmental and not-for profit organization whose birth began in the year 2000 and in collaboration with leading theoretical researcher clinician who are dedicated to analyzing more partnership, Africa- command method to conquer HIV/AIDS and mental health disorder in the sub-Saharan countries. The goal of Accordia Global Health Foundation NGO is to completely attenuate hardship and advance growth through mediation within growing nations, and distinguished by financial and scientific reinforcement for socio-economic plan and projects, reinforcing in -nation ability to render health teaching, prevention fact-finding, and care and Build affirmation-based model that are directly important in resource- restricted setting and can be reproduced throughout countries

Accordia Global Health Foundation is a non-governmental NGO fostered by Dr Merle and funded by good hearted individuals.  He fostered the theoretical Alliance for AIDS Care and prevention in Africa to establish the dimension to campaign the proceeding HIV/AIDS disaster in Uganda and in Africa countries.  In 2003, he collaborated with other inspired to found. In 2004, the Accordia Global Health Foundation collaborated with Pfizer   Inc. And initiated the infectious disease institute IDI at Makerere University Kampala Uganda. The Infectious Disease Institute assist as a paragon for support, territorial core for quality in health, while changing the standard of health across the continent. Currently, Accordia relentlessly continue to expand and enact inventive health ideas, while working to establish and sustain countries in Africa.  Most importantly, Accordia Global Health Foundation is an NGO that  uses heart touching images to establishes encourage and continues to maintain African -conceded health  establishment,  equipping local solution to fact-finding ,  orientation, education and care via the  Institute for Child Wellness in African-Launch Campaign; that is aimed at transforming the existence of children   in Malawi  by funding children  so they can break the  gird of hardship,  declining health, and poor education in  the future to come.

          Accordia agenda are distinguished by a much considerable variation of motive and process than are programs and agenda of formal organizations. They are also much compact in regards to number of beneficiaries. These elements tend to increase a perspective that each interceding is special, or practically so, thereby de-emphasizing any possible deterrent that might be assimilated for future interventions. This decrease the advantage that it is presumed to derived. (Jean Schensul, 2012), emphasized that NGOs are especially able to behave quickly to surfacing health issues, inherent and humanoid generated calamity. No doubt that Accordia NGO development in Africa nation has seen a stable growth in the recent years to pervade the huge gaps between the rich and the poor in the country. Urged by enthusiasm regarding a particular reason they support it by dedication ad drive. While the reach of their service cannot  equivalent that of the governments organization, the excellence of care and their endeavor in reaching out to the diverse  followers, specifically  those who are  biased against such as individuals with mental health disorder, give them a  clear edge.

Notwithstanding, the  significant problems encountered in  expanding the mental health programs , it is fulfilling to recognize the accomplishment made by Accordia Global Health Foundation are  dispersed across the nation, although there are considerable figure in suburban city. (Roger Riddel) stated that working to reduce hardship through the furtherance of long term growth is itself distance from effortless assignment. I agree with this because more importantly, Accordia NGO share an assimilation of the growth process far broader than simply the providing of prevention. They accept the perspective that increasing the quality of living for the poor in a maintainable way require the poor gaining more capability through community organization, education, physical and technical resources). Accordia NGO believes that in framing what is achievable, they need to promote a suitable habitat for applicable research needs a health structure that is encouraging and contributing fund possibilities. It also needs reality of culture affirmation- producing and evidence- built fact-finding. There must exist a healthy alliance between communities, and researchers system to share knowledge, and experience.

          However, Accordia Global Health Foundation is not without problems in trying to frame what they are not able to attain .Not only is the distribution of service individualized, but plan -setting is mandated. Transferring and multi-layered resolution making can produce competencies.  Further,  they commit non or vey  insufficient of their initiative to communicating this area of growth problem , since occasionally they examine it to be less essential than assisting to advocate growth within countries, in regard as an outcome of discourse with the specific donors or funders. Anthropologist Lisa Markowitz, stated that comprehending multinational process demands for multilocal, creative fact-finding action plan that both express individual's understanding of change and examine the interconnecting structures. Supplying purpose teaching and family counseling in expert profession such as social skill orientation and woodworker are interest assumed. While delighting themselves on specifically diplomatic to the wants of the poor in growing countries and on responding rapidly to these. This combined with severe compulsion from donors reduces the project planning evaluation or attainable period, and to keep expenditure down, means that the aim of the programme or projects are repeatedly  express in phrases which are rather common,  or which are changed, often considerable , throughout the entire programmes. The more inexplicit the aims, the strenuous it is to present assessment with vivid-cut finish. This also decreases the advantage for coming interventions that is presumed to be gain from the research.

To conclude, I believe that there is necessity for Accordia Global Health Foundation and other NGOs to be more successfully included in the areas of health research in order to expand the prospective benefits of research. And with revive sense of purpose and general goal, they can make lasting and strong effort in decreasing the disease problem of the world's most impacted populace through successful fact-finding action. And they can assist to create a frame of working practices and teaching that will decrease the chance of failure and increase the possibility of success for organization directed to community, countries development.


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