Effect of Technology on Employee Satisfaction

27 Feb 2018

15 (5,790 )

Technology and employee attitude, Motivation, Job satisfaction and Health ABSTRACT While creating this report we tried to present technology from different point of view. We can see that the technology has both a positive and negative side in society. Positive in a sense that people's life cycle is changing. They are motivated to do work. Even the companies can expand their business and can be ...

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Cryptography: Theories, Functions and Strategies

19 Feb 2018

32 (12,719 )

Abstract Digital signing is a mechanism for certifying the origin and the integrity of electronically transmitted information. In the process of digitally signing, additional information - called a digital signature - is added to the given document, calculated using the contents of the document and some private key. At a later stage, this information can be used to check the origin of the signed document. The ...

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Analysis of Quality Services in VoIP

19 Feb 2018

31 (12,024 )

Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Background to Research Due to the Innovative changes in telephony devices and related technologies world wide, the time has come to analysis the quality in telephone devices and provide improved versions of communication channels. Locally the implementation of telephony services is getting increased; many new organizations are setting up their resources to make this system and its facilities available to the users. The ...

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High Speed Wireless Broadband Network in Malaysia

12 Feb 2018

26 (10,064 )

The intention of this final year project is to study about the high speed wireless broadband network in Malaysia. This project consists of two major parts; which are investigating of problems of service in wireless broadband network and improvement and enhancement in wireless broadband network in Malaysia. For each part, is further divided into the making of comparison between wireless broadband providers in Malaysia. The research ...

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